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Discovery & Insight

I have been trained to use simple yet powerful questions and active listening techniques, to inspire you to consider your current situation from a new perspective. You hold all the answers. I am a facilitator to help you bring them to your awareness.

Goal Setting & Accountability

Your goals are yours to create. It is on me to hold you accountable to take the required incremental steps to get you there! We will identify them, and co-create an action plan, capitalizing on your success as you move forward.

Conversation & Confidentiality

We will speak weekly at an agreed upon time, either by phone or virtually by Zoom. Every conversation is strictly confidential. You can count on me for an objective and empathic disposition. 

Agreement & Contract

All will be noted in a contract for you to review well in advance of our first scheduled appointment. I work in 4, 6 and 12-month increments, and have found that it takes a minimum of 16-weeks from the time a client identifies their goals and objectives to create optimal momentum for meaningful change. 50% of payment is due prior to the first appointment and is payable via check, Venmo or via Quickbooks.

Text & Calls

I am available in between appointments for texts and/or a brief 10 minute call to touch base regarding something you deem important, such as an immediate challenge or a new success, at no additional charge. 


At times and throughout the course of working together, there may be moments when a client requests direct advice based on my professional or life experience. In that moment, I will note that we are stepping outside the paradigm of “coaching” as we continue the session.

Components of Coaching

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