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About Me

I am a career coach and strategist. I am bravely ambitious for my clients, with an optimism that is grounded in pragmatism. And because I believe a holistic approach is necessary to bring about meaningful change, I work to better understand what motivates and inspires you, both in your career and in your life. Expect lots of discovery relative to the unexpected including topics outside of your typical day-to-day work experience. The two are not mutually exclusive.

What I Do

I specialize in coaching leaders and teams in the media, technology, content creation, fashion/retail, pharmaceutical, and CPG sectors, as well as the arts and entertainment world. My background in revenue growth is a plus for leaders of business development and sales teams.


I help clients enhance and fine-tune their leadership, communication, collaboration, and execution skills, as well as navigate their career growth and transition strategies.


My approach is empathic, personalized, and consultative, based on building trust and rapport, uncovering obstacles, and facilitating change, to drive optimal results.

My Story


My professional career in corporate America did not start until my early thirties. While working as a bartender in New York City, I was approached to work on the launch team of OUT magazine, and subsequently spent the better part of twenty-five years in executive management, primarily at Conde Nast. I worked on the leadership teams of several iconic brands in the publishing and technology start-up space, including VOGUE and Vanity Fair as well as a partnership lead for PILOT, a career coaching technology platform that helps companies maximize employee potential.


My entrepreneurial itch has been scratched several times, not only working on the launch of several start-ups but also as the co-owner of a canine rehabilitation and training center in NYC in the mid-aughts called The Dog Run. 

It is through my work in leadership that I was inspired to take the necessary steps into professional coaching, getting my diploma from NYU's School of Professional Studies in Management.


I wanted to do more of what I had been most successful at; identifying talent, encouraging and mentoring teams to success, and helping individuals become better leaders. 

You can find out more about my professional background here on LinkedIn.

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