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Mary Connelly

Designed Alliance Coaching


Coaching is a collaborative partnership, a designed alliance, facilitated by me as your coach and directed by you as the client, with the express purpose of creating positive, sustainable, and transformational change, and always with an eye toward the future. We don’t dwell on what happened. It may inform us, but we focus on what can happen. That’s how we create optimal results. 

What to Expect...

  • A Designed Alliance: a partnership to facilitate and guide your preparation to identify goals and maximize your potential

  • A Systems Perspective: a thoughtful and holistic approach to all that has helped form your experience, identifying those “systems” that are valuable, and those that may be mitigating your progress

  • High Engagement: active listening, total confidentiality, and empathy for what challenges you, as well as enthusiasm for all of your successes

  • Results Orientation: total focus on your desired goals and objectives, while measuring progress at intervals according to the agreed upon action plan

  • Evidence-Based Orientation: coaching uses proven methods to design engagements, facilitate conversations and co-create actions toward desired goals, to promote learning and results 

If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. 

Maya Angelou
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